Artist Debbie Penning crafts the fine details of an original creation.The creamy color of yucca in June’s bloom. Canning in Grandma’s old blue jars. The chunky stitches on a patchwork heirloom quilt. A snapshot memory of my Dad twisting the gate wire with pliers from his back pocket. The old barn we've passed by the last 20 years. My daughters’ no-rules approach to color and finger-paints. The calming green of my new bath towels. A geometric print hanging in my closet. The fairy wings/seed pods hanging from our backyard trees. 

These are just a few of my life’s influences revealed when I create pottery. My pottery is thrown on the wheel and often has hand applied embellishments. I use several different clays and glazes to achieve my designs and fire in electric kilns. I strive to make pieces that capture the spirit of my many inspirations while offering my customers diversity in design. Sometimes I favor the starkness of white on white, and sometimes I just need a pop of color. And I think my customers like variety, too.


Crafting a ringholder.Crafting a ringholder.Crafting a ringholder.Fresh and Fired.Bowls.